HasTree Technologies is a next-generation global leader in IT industry enabling 100+ clients from different countries viz U.S., Australia, Canada, and Europe to maneuver their digital transformation. With over 3 years of experience, we proficiently navigate our clients throughout their digital journey. All we can do by empowering the venture with our unmatched solution that helps prioritize the execution of the revolution. We also strengthen the business via employing innovative strategies and always-on learning approach to deliver customer delight.

In this journey of empowering the businesses, we have embraced majorly four idea – scaling agile digital, empowering the core, upskilling the workforce and augmenting localization. The digital framework that we utilize drives optimal solution for our clients across five areas including Insight, Innovate, Experience, Accelerate, and Assure. In fact, this will also guide our efforts and ambitions to build digital proficiency. Improving the skills of our manpower is something that allows us to deliver our clients’ expectations.

Beyond the business, we have established HasTree Technologies as the optimal IT solution to bridge the digital gap. Here we provide assistance to numerous enterprises in order to take them to the next level of success!

We are a company that has a sole objective to provide you one of the most efficient and result oriented web design and development services. We aim at helping you create the optimum website which will offer you’re the most dynamic and competitive websites to represent itself globally.

Our vision has been reached to the level of success through the technical knowledge we possess and the tools we use. Besides, we also make perfect usage of the latest and most demanding software for creating an effectual and productive website for you. HasTree emphasizes on creating a website that is not only great in visual appeal, structure and corporate identity but also user-friendly.

To ensure that you get the website that you want, we work with you, for you; blending all your thoughts and needs in your website. It is based on your concept that our staff uses their skills and ideas in E-commerce website development, product development, web enablement, web applications, product migrations by implementing flash, animation, e-commerce, sound, custom graphics, simple text images and other forms in your website.

We understand the importance of a fully functional website and this is why we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is why we ensure that we provide 24 hours service to websites created for anyone, from anywhere in the world with our efficient after-sales services.

Not only do we have a competent staff to provide you with graphic, web, brochure and logo designing and flash presentation services, but we can also help you with a variety of software development.

Our vision lies in satisfying all your web development needs so that your company gets the identity it deserves in the corporate and internet world. To help you create a website that you are comfortable with, you can not only choose from the various packages we have to offer you, but we can also give you a web design proposal that will surely fit the fixed budget that you specify.

We take pride in having provided our services to so many webmasters during the span of our company. All this is made possible with our mission and vision to provide you with the best web designing services possible on the internet.

The values by which we endure through the efficient path that leads us to the ultimate achievements and uttermost satisfaction of the clients are:

  • Leadership: In order to be guided on the right path
  • Quality: Perfection in the work that we do
  • Teamwork: So as to achieve results based on mutual understanding
  • Passion: A commitment of the mind and the heart

Additionally, we are high spirited and most influential perform to bring the best outcomes through our efficient works. Here are our greatest strengths:

  • Zeal to succeed: Make customers the winners, Teamwork, be innovative, be committed, Believe & follow the three D’s – Determination, Dedication & Discipline
  • Sensitive- To think, to learn & share, to be understanding and to be responsible
  • Integrity- Honest, Customer delight and Value of time

Infrastructure Will be completed upon discussion

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Social Responsibility

Along with developing a good work environment while designing and developing your websites, we believe that it is also necessary to maintain a proper work culture and associated values so that the basics of our organization are rooted deep in the ground. This strong basis of our organization further resulted in an effectual result and that is to gain a strong belief from our performers and team members along with our valuable clients

Our corporate values are such that people find us compatible with their own values because two parties cannot engage in any business if their values do not match. This is the reason we believe in transparent communication by maintaining our ethical values by assuring our complete dedication to our work & performance. We have a strong belief that ethics and morals come side by side with good business and thus have inculcated these values within our industry.

Custom software development focuses on the deep knowledge of the requirements of the customer. The emphasis is laid on the business needs of the client so that innovative decisions can be taken which helps in the successful software customization services.


Mobile Development

Deliver next-gen, unique mobile experience to customers with the most intuitive apps developed by cutting-edge development solutions delivered by the best development partner that brings ideas to life.

Web Development

Transform exciting web-based app ideas into more exciting reality with scalable web development & design solutions. By following rigorous designs and engineering standards, it is easier to design enterprise-grade apps innovatively.

Software Development

Combining technological competency with domain expertise, Hastree offers a full spectrum of custom software design, development and deployment services for enterprises and SMEs to achieve exceptional business results.

Search Engine Optimization

The ease of searching for what you are looking for has defined the way we interact with the Internet. As businesses compete to get the attention of users, it is your opportunity to be on top of search results when your prospects conduct searches on major search engines.

Social Media optimization

At HasTree, we understand social media and follow the developments in a fast-changing world. We devise detailed Social Media strategies directed towards establishing and promoting your brand on social networks and enhancing the reach, reputation, and presence of your business.

User Experience

Delighting UI and UX elements are the keys to more sales and easier onboarding. Our experts work on an information architecture supportive UI, combine the best of design thinking and strategy to provide better experiences and solutions.


We provide rapid prototyping and development services for AR, VR and MR, and our focus on delivering the idiosyncratic solutions drives true value for businesses looking to leverage the advantages of these disruptive technologies. We will help convert your products and services into interactive experiences for customers with rich functional content, ensuring enterprise success.

Game App Development

Play on the changing, challenging gaming application landscape with the most innovative game app development services that focus on enriched customer engagement. The finest game applications leverage UX by using different native and hybrid technologies to build scalable codes that rethink cross-platform gaming for exploring endless possibilities.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We reimagine Artificial Intelligence to build next generation applications that drive business innovation and transformation to a whole new level. AI blends intelligence with state-of-the-art technologies such as natural language processing, machine learning, video analytics, etc. that help in streamlining business processes through automation and providing immersive customer experience while achieving their utmost satisfaction level.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

The IoT stands for Internet of things which allow connecting physical objects through internet accessibility. It offers a great opportunity to the enterprises by serving end-to-end solution for integrating hardware, sensors, and software to increase their operation impacts.


Our blockchain development services are intended to capacitate the business operations. Blockchain is seeing wider adoption in a range of industries including financial institutions, gaming, IoT, exchanges, education, fintech, retail, health, Ecommerce, and a lot more. Our blockchain solutions offer paradigm shifting capabilities to the businesses looking for unmatched scalability.


Cloud computing has eliminated business risk and helps in releasing new application by taking away traditional server costs that were incurred in the past. We endeavor to provide cutting-edge cloud computing services to help clients in addressing their challenges in a customized manner. We also ensure simplified deployment and automated cloud management to establish an operational framework.